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New Grad RNs - Don't give up. - page 3

I graduated December 2010, obtained my license in February 2011, and looked for jobs for over 1 year. I must have submitted far over 100 applications to new graduate RN programs and far over 300 to... Read More

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    Nurse Jane,

    What did you learn from your interviews and how did you improve your skill for the next interview? How did you work on your nonverbal expressions because I hear they are important?
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    Thanks for the inspiration....really needed it
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    ZORABANKS: I relocated fresh out of school from NC to TX, market here is though and cut throat for new grads. I haven't even gotten one single interview bc the first thing I hear is " we require at least 6 months - 1 year experience"....I have my best friend living in you mind sharing what nursing home that was.....I really would love to stay here...but my chances for surviving here a sliming down by the minute.