New Grad RN... work in a SNF?

  1. Hi all,

    I graduated in December 2011 and passed NCLEX in February 2012. I thought that once NCLEX was out of the way, everything would fall into place. I've been trying to stay positive but I have filled out so many applications and have only received a few rejection e-mails. I'm not sure where to go from here.

    I have been told to move, which I'm prepared to do, but would rather not do just yet. I have also been told to apply to SNF's. It seems to be that working in a SNF as a New Grad is the kiss of death? Can anyone give me any insight into working at a SNF as a New Grad and how it may affect me getting into the hospital one day?

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  3. by   saraannRN
    I am in the same boat. I had a job lined up at a hospital here but thanks to a horrible evil nursing battery test (DDI) they will not hire me. There is not much out there right now, so experience is experience even at a SNF. You will learn to multi-task be in charge etc. I have applied at several no word yet, but I also applied out of town for other hospitals as well.
    I really can't believe that this is happening it is their loss. I grad. top of my class and have letters of recommendation from instructors, but it all does not matter. They let a computerized test determine who they would like to hire. Good luck it will happen, many acute care nurses start in long term care.
  4. by   smhs
    WOw~ they give you a test for hospital positions? Is this common around all states? I live in WA... =( never heard this before...
  5. by   Mayet_RN
    I know how you feel. I'm an old new grad (May 2010- went on vacations with family before applying) and I applied everywhere in California (northern and southern california) for hospital jobs. So far, I had 4 interviews: one new grad in san diego (2000 applicants, 200 interviews, and only about 60-80 chosen, one home telehealth nurse (a lot applicants, only 1 spot), one public health nurse (made it to the eligibility list, waiting for another interview), one med/surg (got interview, got selected, but waiting for offer). While waiting for the offer, I got an email for ER department and just got another call for an interview med/surg position in san diego. My daily routine, is constantly check online on local hospital where i live, check, facebook, print out a list on wikipedia of all hospitals and go through that list. Keep fixing your resume and cover letter. I had moments when I wanted to give up and just start applying at SNF or Nursing homes. I know some people who graduated went to nursing homes/SNF, worked for a year and still having a hard time finding a hospital job. I took that chance and waited. Being patient is the key and all the support you can get. I tend to read to make sure I'm not the only person going through this. Keep your head up and GOOD LUCK! If there's anything I can do to help PM.
  6. by   mama.RN
    I don't think SNF is a good experience for a new grad, but you should take the opportunity if it comes along....just do research on the place first to make sure it at least is one of the better facilities. Many people I know took jobs in SNFs and put six months in and then started applying to hospital jobs. It worked out for many. If I had been in the position to move, I definitely would have done that. I almost had my husband talked into it, actually. I would look at it as an adventure, the opportunity to see more of the world...something you may not be able to do later when you might have a family or other obligations. You could always look at it as somewhere else for a year or two then come back if that feels better. In any case, I wish you luck with job hunting and with your decision on which way to go with it.