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I've heard stories from other graduates in the last two years - some of them (most that i've talked to say it takes a year or more time to find a nursing postion). I'm not sure if this is a nursing home position, or a nursing... Read More

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    Try aiming for 1000 resumes / applications that should net you a job. good luck and keep applying ... all of my friends/classmates got jobs before getting to 1000 so yes that goal works

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    All I hear is how impossible it is to get a job as a new grad and it's bothering me since I plan to graduate in 2016... I hope I don't go through the same thing because I want to work in a cardiac unit. That is my dream job for my twenties, then maybe become a nurse anesthetist
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    Do you keep in contact with people you went to school with who have jobs? Network through them. Have them keep their eyes and ears open for an upcoming position or to put the bug in their managers ear about a fellow student who's looking for employment.

    Were you friendly with any of the clinical instructors you had, if so, perhaps contact them and ask if they hear of anything to keep you in mind and let you know.

    In my area, the jobs are far and few between in general for RN's and much more far and few between for any that don't require experience. So its not about what you know, but WHO you know. Network, network, network.

    I have people I am close with who I had no idea that their mom/dad/aunt/sister etc was a NM or hiring manager. Many of them are willing to offer me a position once they have an opening. So its just a matter of waiting it out now.

    I've been licensed for 4 months and have 5 years of LPN experience and its not any easier for me

    I have two possible offers coming. But its not a guarentee.

    I redid my resume' and my cover letter, I personalized my cover letter for each hospital and position. I keep copies of my resume and a generic cover letter handy like others keep business cards (haha) because I would run into people out in the community, whom I knew, who were nurses who told me they would hand deliver my resume to their NM. 3 of my 5 interviews came from people I gave my resume to (one of those was the wife of the CEO of the local hospital who I was chatting with while waiting for my daughter at the dentist. At the time I didn't know who she was while we were chatting but she did look familiar. I knew face (from pictures on the hospital website for their yearly ball) just not personally)

    Above all, don't give up.
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    I'd send them a thank you card for the interview and understanding about the misunderstanding. Yes it's frustrating on your end because they forgot to call you but it may cause them to remember you down the line.

    Networking is a good idea, but you have to make sure you you do not impose on people that may not feel comfortable recommending someone they do not know.

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