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  1. Hi everyone,

    I recently pass my nclex and waiting for the hospital that work in as a nurse extern to post the new grad program in May to start in August, but since I have bills that are just pilling up I have been applying to every RN jobs that I can find that is willing to accept me without any Registered nurse experience, lately I have been getting interview for home health companies, one in particular is willing to do some training before they send me out on the field and the other one basically want the nurse that already there to do a quick training with me, I am a little skeptical but in need, I am not sure how much support the home health industry provide new grads , and some of them have me sign a I9 which make me an idependent contractor, is that normal? and secondly can anyone tell me if they are doing the same thing right now as a new grad and if it worked out well for them and what do you think it's the hardest part of home health for a new grad?
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  3. by   salvadordolly
    I don't think it's an ideal new grad job. It requires a lot of independence. Nursing skills in particular are learned on the job and best learned in a facility. That said, I have hired two new grads in the last year as favors to other nurses. Neither of them worked out past three months. they were just too overwhelmed "being out there by themselves" despite the fact that we gave them a lot of training. If you do go for it, make sure you enough orientation and that they are open to whatever training you need to be comfortable. If they're not, keep looking.
  4. by   KATRN78
    I started in "home-health". Its a great and rewarding job. However, you can't be a lazy nurse. Keep up your education, always do assessments, even on your "stable" or "cake" cases. Orient on lots of cases, ask the nurse trainers lots of questions. Take advantage or all training classes that your agency offers.

    You also have to be a cooperative and assertive nurse. You need to be confident and diplomatic.

    Its not for everyone but its a good start for some nurses.