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New Grad in SC Still No Job

  1. 0 Hi Everyone. I'm a new graduate (May 2012 got license in July) and I need help landing a job. I've gotten 6 interviews, 2 phone interviews, 4 in person, but no job offer. I don't have any CNA experience and in order to be able to completely focus on school, I did not have a job while I was in school. Obviously I don't have much to put on a resume. I put my clinicals and the job that I had before I went to school there and my license and CPR certification. Plus I think my ethnic name could be holding me back a little bit. Help!!! I've tried hospitals, nursing homes, and doctors offices. I feel like I'm a loser and no one wants me. I've stayed up all night crying about this for months and I feel like by the time I do finally get a job I'll practically forget everything I've learned!

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    There are great tips on rsum building here on AN. Search for :Getting your desired position 101
    There is also the forum Nursing First job assistance, but definitely check that one out!!!

    BTW, I have an ethnic name, and that has not stopped me from getting a healthcare for 12.5 years...there is also a thread on that as well. Search and hope you are able to put those resources to work!!!

    Everyone is having a difficult time getting a job, took 8 months for me to land a position, and I have healthcare can look on the many forums here and see the experience.

    It is a MUST to look into Getting your desired position 101, and go to the original post. Good Luck!!!!
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    Thanks I will look into that.