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Hi all! I found the new grad position of my dreams! I applied and the status of my application is "Application forwarded to Manager". What should be the next step on my part? Should I call? If so, what should I say exactly?... Read More

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    Good luck, we're all rooting for you! PS: I would've called, too!

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    If this was a hospital online job post, like the many I filled out that always said they were forwarded to manager, then a few weeks later after no word said the position had been filled, I am not sure there is anyone to call. It's all about the computer screening out the resumes.

    If you get results by calling, please post an update. I would love to learn how to beat these online job postings that go nowhere!! Thanks and good luck!
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    Personally, I fear online applications just get lost in the sea of applicants. I try to stand out by being the person who places a face with the name. I would find out the nurse manager's habits and stop by dressed in good business duds and introduce myself with resume in hand. In fact, I have done it with positive results. Show the manager that you can take initiative. Years ago I hired people for a business, I never hired someone who just mailed in an application.
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    I called HR this morning and got an automated message stating that I must check online to follow up on my application which takes me back to square one.

    However, I managed to find the nursing recruiter's email and I plan to email her expressing my interest!! I hope she replies and this takes me a step further! After a few days I think I'm gonna drop by the hospital and introduce myself!

    Thanks you guys for giving me the courage. I'm so new to this and I don't want to make a horrible mistake. I never really sat there and thought about how my application just can get lost with all the others especially since its online. I really understand now that I have to set myself apart from all the others and make myself known. You have all helped me so much! I will keep you updated on how it all goes! Thank you again!
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    Oh great idea! My dream job actually tells you not to come up to the hospital (go figure that you must sit and WAIT). I am so glad that things are kind of moving along and hopefully you will be getting some good news or at least some good information! Please do keep us updated.
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    Quote from FilledWLove

    I called HR this morning and got an automated message stating that I must check online to follow up on my application which takes me back to square one.
    This is what multiple hospitals told me to do yesterday when I called them to get a status update . I still plan on calling them every week or two. One representative gave me more info than the online status showed, so maybe I will have better luck the next time I call.
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    I got the dreaded email that the position was filled.. .. Perhaps I waited too long to follow up but I am going to keep trying! Thank you guys for all your help!
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    I would definetly call.. I called HR and got the name of the nurse recruiter and she was plesantly surprised that I was calling to "follow up' she gave me her email address and here we are two weeks later and I was offered a job!!

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