New Grad Applying to Multiple States. Need License in Each Before Applying?

  1. I'm a new BSN grad and newly licensed NY RN. You know the deal - NO JOBS in NYC. Willing to expand my search, I started applying to hospitals in the Tri-State area and on the West Coast. I'm FINALLY starting to get replies, but they say: YOU MUST HAVE YOUR LICENSE IN [FILL IN BLANK] STATE. ONCE YOU GET YOUR [FILL IN STATE] LICENSE, PLEASE RE-APPLY. Is it customary to get a license in every single state to which you are considering moving before you apply for jobs? Seems kinda costly and a waste if you only end up working in one state.
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  3. by   elkpark
    Employers used to be a lot more flexible and it was common to interview for jobs without actually having a license in that state yet. However, with the current "buyer's market" economy, they are looking for ways to cut down the number of applicants they have to deal with for each opening -- and I can see that requiring people to already have a state license is one way of doing that. I guess, from their perspective, they want to make sure you're serious about wanting to be there before they invest time and money in interviewing you.

    If that's what employers are requiring now for applications, I suggest you figure out which state seems to have the most possibilities for you, apply for licensure, and focus your search there to begin with.

    Best wishes!
  4. by   smurfynursey
    I have had both experiences Some places don't mind if you wait, and others will not give you the time of day without a license from that state. I always put in my cover letter that my application was in the works, even if all I had done was print it off or look at it online. It helps them realize that you are serious about wanting to make such a drastic change.

    Good luck!