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Hi all, I graduated in November, discovered I was pregnant a week and a half ago, and took and passed my boards a week ago. I am thrilled to be pregnant, because with my health history I wasn't... Read More

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    Congratulations! I am also a new grad nurse (May 2012) and 12 weeks pregnant. I have applied for 100's of jobs and have gotten absolutely nothing except now that I am pregs I have had 2 interviews with one potential job opportunity. Ironic right? Anyways, I don't know where you live, but here in Northern California it is VERY hard to find a job anywhere as a new grad. I wouldn't hold off on applying, as it could take a long time for you to even get a response. Good luck!
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    New grad and 16 weeks pregnant in south OC & I applied for many jobs and went to many interview. I am new grad w no experience so I was looking for any type of job. Finally I was offered a job at a PEDs location. I am not showing much and plan to tell my supervisor once I am showing or do I just tell her my 1st day? I was able to find scrubs that are nurse maternity uniforms and they don't show my tummy. I am very small for 16 weeks.
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    Don't tell anyone anything. Unless it has to do with pt care such as working with people with varicella or the flu

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