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My testimony for the new grads! - page 2

First off, no matter what your situation is, HANG IN THERE!:up: Warning! My posts tend to be long, but I'll make this as short as possible. I'll tell ya'll my nursing story. Maybe it'll give... Read More

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    this is what i was looking for today! an uplifting post. thanky you so much. Getting married with a huge debt and no job can really make someone feel hopeless. But i am determined to look at the glass half full! I hope your career continues to make you happy! take care
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    thanks so much for the encouragement! my situation is very similar. i couldn't find a job in ob so i started applying to everything. i finally got a job in telemetry. i am excited to finally have a job but this is just not where i want to be. but i know god has a plan for me and i just have to trust him. i'm glad everything worked out for you!