Job interview?

  1. I had a job interview Tuesday with a nurse recruiter followed by meeting with the nursing director on the oncology floor. She asked me a lot of questions and seemed pleased by my answers but I also know I ramble at times when nervous. She told me about the job (hours,schedule and orientation). I asked her some questions which she seemed to think were great questions. We toured the unit then she told me I could come in to shadow if I'd like. I emailed her yesterday morning with dates I was available but I haven't heard back. Should I worry?? Does the interview sound promising? The nurse recruiter said I should hear whether I got the job within a week.
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  3. by   goo122
    I had an interview three weeks ago with nurse manager on oncology floor and followed by peer interview. Nm said she has 5 more candidates to interview and will let me know next week. She did call me back but they decided to go with the other applicant but will forward my application to other floor managers. I didn't put too much thoughts into it because i thought she is just saying it to make me feel better. Just as i was about to give up reapplying to that hospital, ortho neuro floor called for interview. This time, learn from past experience. im going to focus on peer interview. Everything went well. Better yet, some nurses in the peer interview know me from clinical rotations. After that, Nurse manager discuss when orientations starts, schedules, and other things with me as if i got the job. But she said there are more applicants that she needs to interview first before she makes decision. She also said, if hr calls next week, that means i get the job.
    If she didn't call you, you can always call back to follow up. A phone call won't hurt, and it also shows your intetest in that position. Good luch
  4. by   daisy-mae
    I agree with goo, but you should also follow up with an email or call thanking her for the interview and that you are looking forward to hearing from her.

    Good luck!