Interview status "pending"

  1. So I interviewed for a job 4 weeks ago (to the day) and called HR today to ask if they knew anything for me, and they told me that the status of my interview/application was still "pending"

    Is that in anyway a good sign ?

    Or does that just mean since I applied for a state hospital that they're slow as heck to do anything ?

    Starting to get kinda worried about this situation, since it was for THE job I wanted
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  3. by   Katniss0813
    They could be just really slow, I've heard that a lot of hospitals are slow and take their time. I had an interview for an RN residency on May 7th and they waited until today to tell me that due to extenuating circumstances they decided not to fill the position right now. Another hospital I interviewed at called me the following week after my interview and told me they filled the position. Good luck and I hope you hear something soon.
  4. by   SubSippi
    Even if it's pending, it's still not a no! From what I've seen in this forum, four weeks isn't an insanely long amount of time to wait.
  5. by   mhy12784
    Up to 6 weeks now, with no end in sight

    Getting incredibly frustrated with the process