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The joy comes to me when I know that I passed the nursing school. Nursing school was hard but I was never a quiter. I am happier when I receive my state license. Passing NCLEX, I'm a nurse now. I'm proud of myself (self... Read More

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    Most people from my 2012 graduating class are working in a nursing home. A couple got into VNA or doctors offices. The 2 major hospitals in my area do not hire new grads, but a year in a nursing home is considered good experience. Take what you can get! Eventually you will get where you want to be! I'm at my 5 month mark at a nursing home and will start applying to other places in about 5 months. Good Luck!!

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    So sorry =( ...at least you can take comfort in knowing you're not alone! It's been 9 months for me and counting... Good luck though. Hope you get your first job sooner than later...
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    Graduated in May 2011. Your in good company on this forum. It's an incredibly challenging market right now. Best wishes gals and ....few dudes.
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    Hi! don't despair! I was like you during the first month that I passed my nclex and still no job offers... but READ THIS! http://allnurses.com/nursing-job-sea...ob-532817.html

    I did what was enumerated in the article and BOOM! after 2 months of searching, (and just 1 months after reading this article) I got a dream offer from a unit in a large hospital in our area. I'm a new grad ( from 2012 and foreign educated with minimal 'work' experience) but the DON was eager to hire me.. Offered me a full time position 2 days after the interview~! Just like the article said, be proactive in searching and trying to get that RN Job! Good luck!

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