I have not heard anything from HR since i submitted my resume, should I call them?

  1. Hello everyone!

    I am a new grad and was licensed about a little bit more then a month ago. Ever since then, I have applied to 15-20 places are so. I applied to clinics, long term care facilities, hospitals (even though I know its a slim chance) etc. Its been at least a month now and I haven't heard back from any of them. A email acknowledging that they at least received my resume and cover letter would be nice. I wouldn't mind getting a rejection email either since I would have closure and move on. But the fact that I haven't heard anything is driving me a little bit crazy right now.

    I am very tempted to give the HR department a call just to see if they received my resume or not. Is it bad contacting them?

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  3. by   Meriwhen
    Since it's been a month, I think a follow-up call/email is acceptable...something along the lines of, "I applied a month ago, I'm just calling (writing) to follow-up on my application and see if you need any additional information."

    But if you still do not hear anything from them after sending that, then accept that they probably aren't considering you for the position, and move on. Though as a new grad, you should never stop the job hunt until you receive an official offer.

    Best of luck.
  4. by   stefkane07
    Im in the same boat. Ive applied to well over 50 positions since I received my license a month ago as well. My search is wide open to type of care, scheduling, ft, pt, pd... I received a few responses stating they filled the position or are not interested in new grads but other than that, nothing! Ive tried calling the places Im really interested in and get nowhere with the phone calls either. Ive even gone door-to-door to some LTC facilities to fill out applications in person.. Not sure what else to do at this point, very discouraging
  5. by   Cindyt86
    I would volunteer in the process of job hunting ...
  6. by   ggabri07
    Follow up and re-evaluate your resume.
  7. by   Peppermint_RN
    I agree with those who say to call. I'm in the same boat. All hospitals I've applied at, after a couple weeks I would call HR and ask if there is a nursing recruiter I could speak with. They gave advice on positions to apply for, which departments might consider new grads, and one even gave me to scoop on a new grad residency program job fair hey would be having. This is how I found out about a VA job fair (which has led me to a possible job there!)

    Good luck in the hunt. Its really hard not to get discouraged! Just keep applying to anything you can (I googled the word "medical" and sent my resume to every single result that popped up on Google maps around my area).
  8. by   castio
    I am in the same position myself. I graduated in may and got my license in June. I have applied for many position and have tried calling human resource in 3 of the hospitals I was really interested in working for. One of them told me several times the residency program I applied for were already filled. After calling the other 2 hospitals, I received a mail few seconds later that my application was denied. Is it really okay to call?