I got my first RN job but i need advice.

  1. Hi guys! I'm a new grad RN in La, CA
    I graduated January 2013, got my license in march. I've been applying many hospitals, nursing home, home health. I got one call from home health agency and they offered me a position for referral intake coordinator. I know better than nothing. So i should take this job for now (since this is the only choice i have). But the payment is pretty low.. it's $15 per hour. I don't know if this is basic pay for referral intake coordinator. I tried to negotiate with them to raise at least $20. And they declined.... i'm still filling my documents. And also i am still looking for another job. But it's been depressing so much since it is hard to find a job for new grad... I want to know if the pay is right and if should i take this job.
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  3. by   cdscmb
    At this point, especially in CA from what I hear, it is extremely difficult to get a job as a new nurse. As for the pay, they probably have plenty of people to choose from that will do the job for that pay rate, but they chose you, so that's good news. I say take the job and continue looking for nursing jobs you want while you're doing it. It will give you something to put on your resume and who says you can't leave when you find a position that you want. Good luck!
  4. by   clmafm05
    The best thing for a new grad is to start where you feel comfortable. If you filled out application after application, then keep looking. But always keep the one that calls you close for there is a time frame when that position needs to be filled. Look into hospitals, doctor offices, and nursing homes. When turning in your rsum, make sure that you put on there " I am a new grad RN able to be molded and trained to fit the position that you want me to perform"! They look at that and think, hey, I can benefit this person and myself by training him/her to what I want them to do! Plus being a new nurse grad, jobs close to home is great and all, but remember those jobs that are a little further from home. Traveling 10-45 minutes shows dedication!

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  5. by   bingu64
    Thanks for advice. I'm in the processing to fill up more papers for this position now. It's already been 3weeks now. Yes, you are right. I really wish i can work at hospital later on. Have a nice day !
  6. by   bingu64
    @clmafm05 I like your tip about the resume! I am really willing to be trained and travel. But I haven't though to put on my resume about it. I was going to say when i have interview though, i never had chance to get interview except this job. Thanks for advice. I wish you have a good day !
  7. by   JMart83
    Money is money! Take it but keep on applying to other positions. Best of luck to you!
  8. by   SubSippi
    I agree, if the job market is tough take any job you can get at first, but still keep applying. $15/hr seems incredibly low, especially for your area, so if it was me, I wouldn't feel too guilty leaving after only a short time. If they want quality people to stick around, they should pay something more reasonable!