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I just wanted to put a positive word out there - that it IS POSSIBLE to get a nursing position in 2012. I was worried sick after hearing all the horror stories regarding new grad nurses and this economy.. and then terrified... Read More

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    There is no such thing as a hiring freeze in my opinion...for example, how does any particular hospital claim to be "fully staffed" in CVICU, ED, or say Med Surg? People in these types of departments turn over staff often even in bad economy. There may be a freeze on hiring fully loaded cost W2 full time employees but the hospitals simply backfill per diem PRN and travelers.
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    This was wonderful to read. You are right, it is so important to remain positive because being negative won't get you anywhere. What kind of floor is your new job on? Congrats!!!
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    Thank you.. and I'll be working in Mother/Baby!!!
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    Congrats and yes, it is very important to network, network,network. Good luck!
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    That's awesome! Good luck with everything
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    I'm so happy for you! And yes, all it takes is a lot of courage and faith in Him + some connections. =)
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    Congrats and Good Luck in your new RN position!! Thank you for posting, because I'm constantly reading about how hard it is to get a job...it's nice to hear some success stories!

    I graduated May 4th, passed the boards last week, and had an interview yesterday! I definitely got the interview from networking, too. Hoping I get a good call soon!
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