How long is it taking to land your 1st new grad job? - page 4

Hello fellow nurses! I am wondering how long it is taking to land that first RN job. I know in some states jobs are scarce and I have read that many people have been looking over a year and... Read More

  1. by   owlRN01
    Graduated in May with my BSN in Indiana. Moved to Florida. Took NCLEX July 17th, found out I passed. Have applied to EVERYTHING I thought I stood a chance at doing and NO call backs. I started calling nurse recruiters and still no call backs. Finally, 2 months after I passed NCLEX I got my first interview for Peds home health. They offered me the job and of course I accepted. I am however still applying to all the hospitals in a 100 mile radius of my house hoping to get that experience that all new grads need
  2. by   Katie225
    From Florida, graduated 2 weeks ago and got a job last week.. in the unit where I precepted. PCU