How long did it take from application to phone call? How long did it take from application to phone call? | allnurses

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How long did it take from application to phone call?

  1. 0 I'm just curious how long it usually takes from submitting an application to being called for an interview. I know that it will depend on the company but it seems that healthcare takes longer for some reason. So, what is a reasonable time frame from application to interview?

    I may have to start waiting tables in the meantime.
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    Yeah, it definitely varies. With the hospital I'm at now, I had submitted the application about 3 months before I got a call, but they didn't have any RN jobs posted either. The opening I filled was one of two that had just opened within a couple weeks of when I got the call. Two hospitals called me within about 2 wks of applying & I had one large hospital call me the day after I applied online! In that case, the nurse manager for the unit said she preferred to review applications herself; otherwise, it typically would be weeks before HR ever forwarded any to her & if she has openings, she "needs to fill them ASAP!"

    Also be prepared to wait even after being offered a position. The larger hospital I mentioned above would have had a start date about 6 wks after the interview! Where I'm at now, I was able to start the following week at similar pay & it was closer to home.

    Good Luck!
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    I would say within 2 weeks..if they don't call you..make sure you call them to find out the status of your app! Good luck!