Hospital or Nursing Home?!

  1. I am currently in my last semester of nursing school with 8 weeks left until graduation, so I am really looking into where I want to apply as an RN. Along with currently going to nursing school, I am a CNA at a nursing home. I talked to the main person at my job who is charge of hiring, and even though they aren't currently in need of RN's, they are willing to pull some strings for me and have me apply as a prn RN. I wouldn't put my two weeks in as a CNA, they said I would just go from being a CNA right to interviewing for a prn nurse. So, I was really happy to hear this option is open for me. The "pros" of this RN job would be that I am already familiar with the residents there and mostly know how things run, and nursing homes pay well, but the cons are that I would only be prn and that I may lose my skills if I go to a nursing home right out of school instead of going into a hospital-based setting. SO.. do I take this offer to be a prn RN where I work, or should I apply to local hospitals where I would get more experience, or should I do both?? Idk what to do! :/ any advice would be greatly appreciated! Also, if I were to go to a hospital, I know I do not want to go into a critical care-type setting, I would feel more comfortable starting out with something med-surgy first that is slower-paced
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  3. by   Hoosier_RN
    Keep the prn option open. Look to see what hospital offerings there are for new grads in your area. There may not be many, or there may be some. Scope out your options before you make a limiting decision. If you stay at the ltc facility, you may work into full time quicker than you think. Good luck on beginning your career!
  4. by   MrChicagoRN
    Thank them profusely for their offer, but tell them you also hope or FT employment.

    It might be months till you find a hospital job.

    See if they're ok with you working there PT after you get your license until you find a FT job. Maybe you'll still want to work there even after scoring a FT job.