HOOK ME UP PLEASE! Unemployed New Graduate

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    Can any of you head hanchos hook me up with a job?!!

    The job market seems very tough for new graduate ADNs right now with no experience. I passed the board exam last month with 75 questions. I have been sending apps and resumes to all sorts of clinic's, med surg positions, and LTC facilities.. No luck thus far.

    Help a brother out! (just voicing my frustration lol)

    Nick, Michigan RN
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    Welcome to the club
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    When did you graduate? How long have you been looking? There are some awesome posts on this website that tell you tips to find jobs. Follow those...
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    I graduated this summer on May 11th. I've been looking and applying for jobs since April though. I have been looking on this website extensively for a while now. There is definitely some awesome information.

    I've had two interviews at this hospital clinic. They say I'm a very strong candidate. They also drug tested me. Does that mean you pretty much have the job if they drug test you?