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I am a new grad and received my RN license in Sept 2012. I was hired at a SNF as a referral by a friend. My orientation is 2 days. Is that the standard? I dont think 2 days is enough to have a comfortable grip on all the... Read More

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    Quote from cookiss777
    I understand that its hard for us new hirees to complain about it because jobs are scarce nowadays. On your orientation ask questions and take down notes, learn as much as you can in the 2 days given to you. I understand its hard to grasp and digest everything in just a short span of time. I know how you must feel. I am also a new orientee in a Skilled Nursing Facility, and I am on my 4th day of orientation. Luckily, the DON have given me 3 weeks of orientation before I will be working on my own. So far the 1st two days were quite overwhelming. I sometimes got blank and felt like I am being left behind with the nurses orienting me. They just seemed to do nursing care & med pass too fast. Little by little I have slowly grasped some of the techniques. I am also doing my part like reading the company's manual and facility procedures, etc. I also familiarized myself with the forms that we are using in the facility. The DON gave me some paperworks to do at home and the ADON gave me a booklet as my guideline. So far that guidebook has been pretty helpful. Goodluck to you and work safely.
    Thank u. I am actually not looking forward at all but I'm trying to keep an open mind. My RN license is everything to me.Caffeine

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    As a new LVN in early 2006, all I received was one 8-hour shift worth of orientation before being cut loose to work my myself. The DON offered me three days, but the facility was not staffed with enough nurses to fulfill that offer.

    In the large metro area where I live, three days is a normal length of orientation for new grads in SNF/nursing homes. Orientation is not an extended time for clinical or practicum of skills that you missed in nursing school. Rather, it is a time to quickly learn the paperwork and routine of the floor. The rest of your learning will come with time.
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    Quote from lovingtheunloved
    Yep, when I was a brand new LPN, I got a day and a half. That was it. LTC is sink or swim. Here's hoping you're a good swimmer.
    Unfortunately this is true. When I was a new grad LPN I got five days of orientation which was cut short. It really is sink or swim. However, I would rather sink than to be an unsafe nurse. Ask, ask , ask for more orientation. Do you and your patients a favor.
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    As a new nurse, I constantly have to remind myself not to rush or get flustered. Whether you feel flustered or not, you will still do all the things you have to do. Might as well not rush, because that is when mistakes happen. There is a difference between rushing and being fast. It's okay to quickly change and clean a patient, but do not rush yourself in an assessment or a med pass. Being a nurse is hard, especially when you are new. I like the advice about reading a lot of material on policy and procedure on your spare time, that way you can focus on skills while you are at work. Every day when you go home, think of how you can become more efficient ant try it out the next day. That's what I've been doing and have gotten down a pretty good routine by now. Good luck.
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    I got 2 days per shift when I oriented. So I got lucky. But you really do learn on the job, just don't be afraid to ask, and study study on your days off. Keep your smartphone with you if possible as a quick reference! Watch how the nurses talk to the patients with problems. And ASK your DON if you can have your orientation extended. If not, ask to come in on your own free time and shadow the nurses. I've seen nurses do that too.
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    My orientation was postponed to next week. Will report back
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    Quote from caffeineaddict
    I am a new grad and received my RN license in Sept 2012. I was hired at a SNF as a referral
    by a friend. My orientation is 2 days. Is that the standard? I dont think 2 days is enough to have a comfortable grip on all the paperwork, and 40+ residents in addition to all the other
    fun stuff. Please share and enlighten for those of you with knowledge.
    I had to turn down the SNF RN position. The manager was not willing to extend me an orientation beyond 2 days. Some new grads perhaps could have handled the stress but not me.
    I feel good with my decision. The patients deserve someone competent and prepared.
    I tip my hat to those new grads who managed to tuff it out working with 40+ residents and 24-48 hour orientation.
    Good luck to us all in the struggle,

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