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  1. I just passed the nclex and got my license this July 12. Ive been applying online for job anywhere at HHC, etc. I am currently in the philippines but i will coming back in Nyc on the first week of september. how do u get job offers and ive been applying online how long does it take for HR to respond if you are being considered for a job? I was quite upset also just because I got my BSN in the Philippines which is less attractive to those who got their degrees in US. A lil advice and help please.
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    What is ur visa/immigration situation here in the US? You can't just go here as a tourist and be hired. You must be a legal permanent resident at least. As of now a lot of nurses are jobless here in the US, it is definitely harder to get jobs especially since nurses are graduating by the thousands every year, of course employers will prefer applicants who are already here and do not need visas/sponsorship. Try applying from ur home country in going here, you might find employers who are willing to sponsor you.