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These are all potential scenarios because I haven't had a formal offer yet but I have been told news is good and should get offers soon at some point. Here are the options.. Burn ICU (hospital a)... Read More

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    I'd find out if "part-time with full time hours" means no benefits & factor that in. I have some classmates who were hired "part-time" only to work full time hours w/out medical insurance or a 401k. I personally favor full-time benefited positions over part-time ones. What are the job prospects long-term with the unit? Maybe see if you can speak with recently hired new grad RNs about their experience at the hospital?

    I don't really know about this mandatory med/surg for a year myth that gets thrown around all the time. Fair compensation, high quality training, and future job security are all critical factors. If this is offered to you and happens to be in a specialty you're interested in, go for it. I started as a new grad on a specialty unit earlier this year - peds bone marrow transplant. I wanted oncology, I had a previous career in child education which looked good on my application and was offered a 5 month paid precepted training + two year full-time benefited contract at a great, supportive hospital. It was my first and only job offer, paying less than other hospitals, & I probably would've taken anything (since I was applying to every type of job under the sun). Just so happened I landed something I was looking for on the first go and I am very pleased with it so far. -- on a side note, night shifts are pretty aweful & I NEVER had any intention of working in peds but now I love it --

    New Grads can flourish in any environment with the right support and training. Following what makes you feel inspired and excited in life is always a good idea. If ICU/Critical Care is where your heart is -- especially since you live rent free and can afford a little lower pay -- then I would say go for that one. I also see a lot of positives in the benefits, extra income to pay down loans +a broader nursing practice foundation, from the med/surg offer. It's really nice that you have options! You must be a very competitive candidate.

    Let us know how it goes! : )

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    The hospital with CTICU is a great hospital in its own but had a lot of layoffs here and there the past 2 years but it has slowed down the hospital says it wont happen that badly again. the other med surg hospital is probably a more secure job but I don't think it will be easy or quick to transfer to a critical care unit. I feel that I should take the risk and go for CTICU now while its guaranteed and as long as i get 6mo-1yr of experience i can xfer to another hospital if im laid off. As far as benefits, I can still stay under my parents insurance for 2 yrs til im 26 (thanks to obama). I must say that I am scared as hell to take such a risky job but I just feel like the benefits will outweigh the risks if things go well for around a year. The money is less but I'm not in dire need of it. Extra money would be great but I'm still quite young and feel like taking a risk now is the best time.
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    Sounds like you know your answer. I wish you the best on CTICU!!!
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    Quote from littlenurse23
    where in AL starts at $17 an hr that's horrible!!! I just moved here and I was hoping for at least $20 an hr!! I made $19 an hr an LPN!
    $17/ in Foley, AL

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