Got my first job in Trauma Unit!!!

  1. Hi guys, Millions thanks to everyone of you who post here and keep others updated and encouraged.
    I am a new grad BSN, RN and I landed my first job in Trauma unit. They have given me with enough orientation period. But still, I am quite nervous about it.
    I just wanna ask you guys for any suggestions, 'do's and don'ts' and 'keep in mind' things from anyone who work or have worked in Trauma Unit and surgery.

    Good luck to everyone who is still in job hunt process!!!

    Thank you
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    Know your gtts, know signs of bleeding, hone your neuro assessment skills. Many trauma's also have head injuries and TBI. Remember just because trauma pt is sedated and quiet doesn't mean they don't need regular pain meds. Broken bones, as well as all other types of injuries typically hurt so medicate them. Talk to them, let them know who you are, where they are and what you are doing, yes, even to the comatose pt and the vented/sedated.

    Spinal precaution is huge in the trauma pts, do your very best to respect that until cleared.

    Congrats on the job, you will see and learn so much in a short period of time. Most importantly if unsure, ask!!!
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    Thank you guys. More comments are welcome from anyone else out there.