Got another job interview.

  1. 0 Hello.

    AS you all may have read in my previous post I have gotten about 5 job interviews and 3 offers. I choose to take a state psych position day shift. Now I have an opportunity to interview with the Federal Goverment with one of the local Veteran Affairs Hospitals.

    Do you guys think that working for the state or federal is better?
    Does anyone have any info about interviews with the VA?
    Would you go ahead and start the psych position and if the VA position is ideal, then quit the psych job and start the federal job?

    All opinions welcomed!
    Thank you!!
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    Ive always heard good things about the VA. I always thought a federal position would be better just from what I hear. It does sound like a great position. Good luck to you!
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    Va. Never underestimate govt'll get pension!

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