Got an interview, now waiting for some type of information back.

  1. Hello everyone. I've been a lurker on the allnurses site since I was in nursing school (I graduated w my BSN this past May). I finally got an interview at the local health department in my town. The interview went great, lasted 45 minutes. I interviewed with two nursing supervisors at the facility. They were both very friendly and nice, helpful all things good. This took place last Friday on August 17th.

    At the end of the interview, they told me they would get back to me with either a yes or a no on Monday or Tuesday as well as if I had ANY questions to feel free to contact them with them. I also had emailed one of them my resume right after I had made my interview appointment in which she emailed me back within about 30 mins with a thank you. As of now I still haven't heard anything back.

    I called one of the nursing supervisors on Wednesday and left a message saying that I am still very interested in the position and calling about the status of the position. The voicemail was from this past Friday saying that she would be out of the office in meetings all day and that she would be checking all of her messages throughout the day ... this makes me think something is up, either illness or something.

    Then yesterday (Thursday) I called the other woman that I interviewed in front of and left a voicemail asking the same thing. As of now it is right past noon, and I still have yet to hear anything back. I've been going over and over things trying to decipher want it means.

    I guess my question is what would you think? Would you give up? Would you call one more time, maybe on Monday? Or maybe send an email?

    I really want this position, and I don't want to give up. I would just like to hear something, after how nice they were and them saying they would call me no matter if yes or no on the position, I would hope they weren't just ignoring me and making me look a fool. Thank you so much for your time everyone, I sincerely appreciate it!!
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  3. by   itsmejuli
    I can't tell you how many times I've heard back nothing for ages after an interview. Sometimes they call back right away and sometimes they don't.

    In the mean time, keep looking for a job and interviewing. Never stop the process until you have a job offer letter in hand.
  4. by   Aussierules1985

    You seem pretty new to the application process, honestly so am I. I recently graduated from NP school and have tried the lovely method of assuming that they call you back "on ... day." The reality is as you are looking for work, they are always looking at anything and everything that they can get.

    If there is one piece of advice I can give you, it's to not give up and keep asking (and ALWAYS BE NICE), I have been told multiple times weeks after I sent in an application a few weeks before to see if I am "still available to work". And for that matter and a job offer.

    So be nice... but be realistic:

    They are looking at other people, so should you!
    Good luck though! I understand, it isn't easy, and people aren't very clear, or honest for that matter. Just look out for yourself.

  5. by   fashionistaRN
    I'm going through the same issues. It'll be 2 weeks from my last interview since I last heard from anyone and I'm becoming doubtful. I guess the best thing to do is continue to be persistent and call HR until SOMEONE gives you some type of answers. As well be patient while putting resumes else where. Good luck!