First job and grad school

  1. Hello! I just found out that I got into a FNP program, and will be starting this fall. I graduate with my BSN in April, and will be searching for my first nursing job. I already had an interview at a local hospital, and she was very excited about having me work for her. It would be a part time position to start out with. However, I can not be officially hired until I pass my boards. Therefore, I am supposed to contact her when I get my license.

    My problem is that I am worried about explaining graduate school to her. I didn't mention it in the interview, because it wasn't a for sure thing at the time. The program is all online with the exception of two classes in two different semesters that I would have to drive an hour and a half to campus for. I will be taking full time classes and plan on working full time (if I can go from part time to full time at some point). I know a few people who have attended this program and worked full time and went to school full time while also having kids, so I am not worried about being able to do this. But I am worried that if she knows I am continuing my education and won't be working for her for a very long time, that she will no longer want to hire me.

    Has anybody been in a similar situation or have any advice for what to do?
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  3. by   Esme12
    My vote....say nothing until you have your license and the job. She doesn't need to officially know what your plans are until you are officially working for her.
  4. by   serenitylove14
    I agree with the say nothing. Also dont tell her anything until you need to drive to the class for that semester. The less she knows the better. Although it is exciting and you want to tell the world in this situation silence will be the best. Congrats on admission to grad school. I am also starting my second job(first one lasted 3 weeks and got out of there as fast as I could when I figured my license would be on the line) and going to start grad school this summer.