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elm student job prospect

  1. 0 Hello I have been accepted into a entry level masters program to become an RN. I am very nervous since i have been reading about how saturated the market has become, and what a hard time new grads are having finding a job. I live in Ca. Ny school says this problem doesnt apply to masters students. Anyone.have any perspective.
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    OMG - I can't believe that your 'school' is trying to sell you that bill of goods. Start practicing your critical thinking skills now... check out this information for yourself.

    A new grad is a new grad - period. When you graduate from an ELM program, your prospects will be even worse than BSN grads. There are no entry-level positions for MSNs and no difference (from BSNs) in starting salaries or training needs. Nurse managers will be extremely reluctant to hire someone that will not stick around for a while in a bedside role.

    Hiring managers in my organization (very large healthcare system) have ceased hiring ELMs due to negative experiences.

    Your mileage may vary.