Dream Job vs. Dream City

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    I am a fourth year nursing student and I was offered a job in the emergency department of my small town. I have always dreamed of working in an emergency department, and this job sounds as though it was made for me. The glitch is that I hate the town I am currently living in, and would like to move to a bigger city. I have experience working in the ED of my small town, and I love it, but if I were offered a job in both cities, should I take the job in the big city, or should I stick to the ED that I know and am already comfortable with? Would you consider keeping a job you did not like, if you loved the city you lived in? I would love to hear your thoughts on this...
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  3. by   dcnursey101
    It sounds like you loved working in the ED in your town. Why would you leave it? Yes there may be better opportunities working in a big city hospital but if you're guaranteed a position where you are now, and you know you love it, then I would say to keep it!! You'll be glad working in a place your comfortable with, especially when you first start out as a nurse
    I'm not the best person to answer this question since I've been out of school almost a year with no job (so I would take anything)...but you can always work here for a couple of years, get your experience, and then move on. Good luck!
  4. by   elkpark
    Well, as they say when shopping for houses, the one thing you definitely can't change (about a house) is the location ... If you know you want to live somewhere other than your hometown, why not take a job where you want to live and move there? If the first job you get in the "dream" location isn't your "dream" job, you can always look for another job there as time goes on; but, if you stay in your hometown, you'll still be in your hometown ...

    Best wishes for your journey!
  5. by   not.done.yet
    If you don't have a job offer in the "big city" there is no choice to be made here. You take the job you have offered to you, do your time and then make the change. It sounds like you are weighing out a hope against an actuality. In this economy that is a luxury you can't afford.

    You phrased your question as "IF I get an offer in the city...." But that is impossible to weigh out without knowing more about this big city job that hasn't happened yet. What if that job is home health? Or SNF? Or Med-Surg? What if it is dialysis or some other specialty that just isn't even close to E.R.? Or in an E.R. known for chewing up and spitting out its nurses with unsafe practices and a known hostile environment?

    Too many variables to answer on a "what if" basis.
  6. by   Cute♥Nurse♥Unleashed
    My situation is just the opposite. I came from New York City, but since 5 or 6 hospitals closed down in the area and with the economy as it is, I took a job out of state in a small town. It's a bit of a culture shock and I don't exactly love the area - but I do love the unit I work in (it is general med-surg/telemetry and I love the fact that I'm able to take care of all kinds of patients! But I digress....).

    With that in mind, would it be possible for you to take a per diem job in the big city just so you know for sure that you will love living there? Plus ER in the big city is different from ER in small towns. It can get really crazy and super busy. You might like, you might not. Just test it for a bit.

    I think you will probably love it - but just to make sure!

    PS - I see that you're from Canada. Which big city do you live near or wish to go to? I've gone to Montreal, Quebec City, and Toronto. I LOVE Montreal!