Dec. 2011 Grad RN looking for first job.

  1. I graduated in dec. 2011 from a school in Iowa. I moved to CO in jan and got licensed Feb.1. I still cannot find a job anywhere. I was told during nursing school not to apply for jobs until I was closer to graduating. Now I cant find anything. Coming from Iowa all my classmates have already started their jobs.. What to do I need help. I look and apply for jobs everyday.
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  3. by   not.done.yet
    Unfortunately Colorado is well known to be in the top five of tough markets to find nursing work. I would keep your nose to the ground to see if any of the hospitals start internships in June and apply to those, though it is possible those have already closed. I know in my part of the country the only work for a new grad RN in hospitals is via their internships. They won't hire outside of them. Are you living there alone or with a spouse/significant other? You may have to accept moving back to Iowa where you have connections. What prompted you to make the move without having a job lined up prior? Anecdotal reports have it taking over a year to find work in Colorado as a nurse, sometimes even as an experienced one.
  4. by   joenska
    Well I grew up here and just moved out of state to finish my bachelor's. I have my parents that are helping me out while I look a for a job. I moved back out here without a job because upon graduation I couldn't live in my dorm room anymore. I didnt realize that the job market out here for nurses was so bad..
  5. by   mikeicurn
    Well, I don't have any good tips on finding a job, but wanted to tell you to hang in there. They are out there, just keep at it. Don't be shy. Go into the hospitals, seek out the managers and introduce yourself. Find someplace you want to work and volunteer there. Then they will get to know you and it might lead right into a job. It worked for me.

    Good luck.
  6. by   beu4me06
    I was living in Colorado well technically still do, my husband is there and I am staying at my parents house in IL for the last week. From all the jobs out in Colorado that I applied to, I only got interviews for long term care and a psychiatric hospital. I am desperately in search for a pediatric job or something similar like woman's care unit or the nicu. I would even be happy with medical at a hospital. Well I decided to apply for my IL license which took some time to come through, and once I got my RN number I started sending out applications to IL. I ended up getting 3 interviews here over a 2 week span. For Colorado my advice is to hang in there its a very tough market. Very best of luck to you
  7. by   Jerrysdogmommy
    Check out West Texas. There are two hospitals there. Even if you're there for a short-time (2 years), at least you'll have the experience necessary to go back to either Iowa or Colorado. West Texas is only a 9 hour drive from where you're at.