Contacted NM and got response, now what?

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    Hi everyone! I have a quick question and hope someone can help me. I applied for a position at a local hospital, and with the tips from was able to track down the email address of the floors' NM. I emailed her and she responded back within a few hours thanking me and to make sure I applied to the position, and that they were currently reviewing applications now. I responded thanking her for her response and that I look forward to hearing from someone regarding an interview soon. My question is, should I follow up with her again in the next week or two? Or let everything play out on it's own? I'm a new grad, so this whole thing is new to me lol! Thanks in advance!
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    I would say to email in another 2 weeks to follow up with her as well as calling hr to ask about status of your application. Thank her for her assistance
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    I would email her Monday and let her know you applied to the position and to look out for your name!
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    Thanks! Should I also shoot an email to the nurse recruiter? I've been in contact with him in the past few weeks regarding another position.
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    Why not. It cant hurt anything.
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    Squeeky wheel gets the oil.
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    Quote from prep8611
    Squeeky wheel gets the oil.
    Very true! Thanks everyone!