can someone please explain first jobs? can someone please explain first jobs? | allnurses

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can someone please explain first jobs?

  1. 0 I'm a 12/12 ADN graduate. I've been stalking internship/ GN postings with no luck so far. I've noticed there are some RN I posts that say no experience required (ortho/oncology/med surg). Which means, I think, that I am eligible for these positions. So what does the internship do? I mean I know you have a lot of classes & training in an internship, but if you have no experience don't you also receive a lot of training? Can someone please explain/ break this down for me?
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    If they are willing to hire new grads (no experience required), they have structures & processes in place to support your transition in to the workplace. It's not necessary to have formal programs (residencies, internships, etc) to do this. The big difference is - formal programs are designed to meet the needs of a group, so they may include classroom experiences. Individualized orientation may require you to do more self-study but you won't be stuck in a classroom repeating things that you already did in school.
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    The internship could be just a 3 month program and no guarantee of a position after the 3 months.