Are full-time 12 hour shifts M-F?

  1. I'm applying for jobs right now and many say something like Full-time 7a-7p. Is this M-F, or would it be something like M-W or M-R? Because I could be ok with working 12 hours a day monday to wednesday or thursday, but monday to friday seems a bit much. Thanks.
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  3. by   eatmysoxRN
    No. Typically 12 hour shifts are only 3 days a week. Unless it's specified it's probably possibly weekends as well. Some places offer 7 on-7off. But no, you won't work M-F 12 hrs a day in one position more than likely. And if they expected you to, I'd run!
  4. by   merlee
    Twelves are usually 3 times a week, not usually 3 days in a row, but that can be negotiated. I am surprised that you are not aware of this! And, unless otherwise stated, most positions are every other weekend.
  5. by   RNGriffin
    I think it's unrealistic to expect to only work throughout the week with no weekends if you are a new nurse. You possibly will be looking at baylor positions or an alternating weekend schedule with the three 12hr shifts.
    But, you are full time status with 36 hours a week. Most hospitals will pay you at the rate of 40 hours a week or some are specific with union contracts of full time being strictly being 35hrs a week. My hospital is 35 hours a week, with the deduction of breaks and lunch hours( which I rarely am able to take advantage of).
    But, this will allow you to also hustle yourself through school or at another job, or if you are a family wo/man you are able to allot time to your family appropriately once you have the hang of the shift!
  6. by   hiddencatRN
    If it's only 12 hour shifts, you'll most likely be working 3 days a week for full time (they might call it a 0.9 position). When I worked 40 hour weeks I worked two 12 hour shifts a week and two 8 hour shifts a week. I've seen some places where you'd work four 10 hour shifts (five 8 hour shifts is rare in hospitals in my experience, more likely to see that in clinic type settings). As far as what day of the week, that rotated based on schedule. My job required me to work every other weekend, some require every third, but it's rare to find a job that doesn't have SOME sort of weekend requirement.

    Unless I pick up overtime though, I only work 3 days within each Sunday-Saturday week.

    Working 36 hours a week, I get paid at 36, so when I dropped down to 36 from 40 hours my paycheck dipped a bit. My health insurance and other benefits remained the same, but the way I earn paid time off is now prorated to the 36 hours.
  7. by   Double-Helix
    It's 3 days per week. Usually every other weekend, in most hospitals. So you'll most likely be working four weekend shifts and eight weekday shifts per month (4 week period).