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  1. 1 I thought I'd share something that helped ME. I know we've seen various articles that describe exactly what this article lists, but doesn't hurt to read it in another way. Anyway, thought I'd help.

    The one thing I did was if I was constantly getting voicemails, I e-mailed as many people as I could. Gave them my background and attached a resume and made it a point to make sure they give me a personal reply by asking things like "Are there any positions you would recommend for me to apply to?" or something like that. I very rarely received that general response of "Apply online" or "Search through the available positions." I made a separate folder in my e-mail where everyone I e-mailed was saved in. It's true when they say determination is key!

    Oh, and new grads? You're not the only ones struggling. Some nurses I know with experience also have a hard time finding a job. Don't feel alone!
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    Thanks for sharing your views, this can be a good motivator for nurses, new and old alike when they feel down in not getting a job.
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    Thank you any little bit helps.

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