What courses do nurse educators need to have?

  1. 0 Here in Australia all nurse educators either have to have or are encouraged to complete a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in order to teach.
    Other than that course, teachers need to have a Post Graduate degree in Education.

    Does the USA have the Certificate IV also or is there a similar course as I am looking at completing the course before we move there next year or is there a similar course that is required for me?

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    The expression Cert IV is Australia specific. It is a tertiary certification.
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    It depends at what level of education you want to teach. I have found you need at least your BSN to teach in an LPN/LVN program. Some associate programs may take BSN nurses to do clinical classes and/or labs. Nurse educators can take Masters level courses for 18 months or longer to get a Masters and teach in many settings (like at the university level or as a clinical educator in a hospital). You really must familiarise yourself with how nurses are educated here. It is very different from the UK and Australia. I am from the UK (trained in the USA though), and did a four year BSN program. Nurses can also do an associate degree program (2+ yrs) and sit the NCLEX-RN boards. To get started in education you have to at least have a four year degree and experience! Also, I have lived in many States here and some states it is easier to get started than others Hope that helps a bit!

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