Using "Jigsaws" as an interactive learning tool

  1. Greetings Nurse Educators,
    I am wondering if anyone has used "jigsaws" as a teaching method? I am currently working on my masters in nursing education and I have to prepare a Wiki project wherein I teach 20 active faculty members interactive teaching strategies. I like the idea of the "jigsaw" and would appreciate any help on the subject.
    Also, I like concept mapping, although I have never done one. In reading up on them I almost wonder whether this method could replace the tedious and outdated care plans tought in nursing school. My initial education (2 yr.) placed so much emphasis on them and I have NEVER seen or done one in my career. Any thoughts on the matter?
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  3. by   cmbennett
    What are jigsaws?
  4. by   Whispera
    I second that...what are jigsaws?
  5. by   morte
  6. by   Whispera
    I like the idea! Thank you!
  7. by   neverbethesame
    Jigsaw I and II are strategies that can be used with children and adults. I used them when I was an elementary school teacher and my students liked them a lot. I can see them working beautifully in nursing.
  8. by   SRDAVIS
    many schools are moving aways from care plans for that reason, plus anyone can copy a care plan out of a book. concept mapping acutally requires the student to think through the process. I wasn't quite on board with them at my last program but now since it was shown to me differently I think I like it.
  9. by   classicdame
    I was searching for nutrition games for children and googled several sites with interactive puzzles. That might give you an idea. I like your concepts. Fulfills learning preferences for both tactile and visual and if you use music or other sounds, audial.
  10. by   Cheryl Louise
    I have used concept mapping and even mind mapping which is more extensive than consept mapping. The students seem to like doing them. For instance, when teaching diabetes in class, the students and I filled 2 whiteboards with important concepts, nursing interventions, treatments that are important to know about diabetes. The students enjoyed doing it as a group project and they said it helps them to look at the big picture of the disease process. I have tried to get other faculty to change from care plans to concept maps but they are very resistant to change as they have always done care plans. Students still have to know the same information as in a care plan to do a concept map but concept maps as so much easier to grade and so many trees in paperwork!!!

    I looked up information on jigsaws and found it an interesting way to teach and look forward to trying it. Thanks.