Taking a pay cut to go into your choice career

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    i have just been offered a Sim Lab Cordinator position at a nursing school in my town. And I am currently enrolled to begin my phd this fall. The pros I see in this job is that it gets my feet at the college door and probably into pure academia. Also, the college is across the street from the university where I take classes. And I'm a bit of a tech savvy and love working with props for simulation. The cons are that I am going to have a pay cut.. the salary I am offered in this new job is waaaaaayyyy below what I make now and below what I am worth as a masters prepared nurse. When I talked to my sister about this job, she asked are you looking for the experience or the money? Well, at this time I am looking for the experience.. but money is important too.. especially if you're in a phd prog. I'm still trying to make up my mind.
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    If you are coming from a hospital environment to your first taste of academia- brace yourself. The pay is FAR below what you would be paid in a hospital. And sim lab is a 'foot in the door' position and pays poorly. And 'worth' as an MSN is relative- in academia, MSN is like BSN in a hospital- they are everywhere and it is the minimum standard.

    I took a HUGE pay cut to go full-time in academia, but it was the right decision for me.
  4. by   llg
    I worked part time as a research assistant during my PhD program -- earning about 1/4 of the cash that I had previously been earning working full time in a hospital. But the job was at the school where I was studying and came with free tuition. So it was super-convenient and gave me great experience -- and paid for my actual schooling. So I was able to graduate with only a very small student loan that I was able to easily pay off within 3 years.

    It was 4 of the happiest "career years" of my life.