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Rn-bsn programs are university-level programs specifically designed to address the educational needs of associate degree or diploma rns who desire to complete the requirements for a bsn. Graduates of these programs earn a fully... Read More

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    I heard a few of my prior nursing instructors say that ADN/RNs only make about a dollar less than BSN/RNs, but that's not been my real life experience.
    A BSN/RN also opens up many more employment opportunities than ADNs.
    To my knowledge, only the Army accepts ADNs, while all other military branches accept
    only BSNs, no ADNs.
    I took the Pre-Nursing program in preparation for BSN, got my ADN, then went on from there.
    It's a short stint from ADN to BSN that way, and well worth it! Most can be done online
    while you work full time.

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