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    I am having a great degree of difficulty obatining a preceptor for my MSN.....I have would have thought that the need for more instructors would have brought preceptors out in droves. I am attending Regis University and am realy seeking any advice I can get! I had my peceptoship already set but we moved and now I have been searching for 4 months without success. I am willing to fly, drive, even walk to do whatever is necessary to......suggestions?
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    WOW!! I feel for you. I didn't move and it took me about 4 months to land a preceptor. I attend Walden online. Actually, in my case, I found one right away but the legal agreement took forever to be finalized. I cannot fathom the frustration you are feeling, knowing the end is just that close and locating a preceptor is holding you back. Have you sent out blind emails to every nursing school within a reasonable radius of your home? I mean EVERY single nursing school? Try hospitals as well and their education departments. Wish you the best of luck in your search.
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    Dear never2kerley: Sent you a private message (PM).
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    I have the same problem. I moved to Arizona and still looking for a preceptor. I will go from door-to-door next week with my resume and introduction letter.
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    I too am having this exact problem. I am enrolled in Walden and finding a preceptor is keeping me from completing my MSN. it is extremely frustrating.
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    I am just starting my MSN education degree at Walden... can you explain the difficulty of obtaining a preceptor for the practicum? I almost understand the difficulty of finding on with trying to obtain a RN or BSN, but for education? What about educators in the hospitals you work in?
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    I think the whole preceptor issue is a HUGE rip-off and should be considered a scandal in nursing education. Colleges take students' money ... and then expect the student to supply their own teachers. The preceptor does most of the teaching and the school collects the money. The preceptor gets nothing unless there is a private arrangement made between the preceptor and student.

    I have preceptored several graduate students in my career -- and believe me, it is not always easy. It takes my time, my patients, my expertise, etc. and not once has any school ever compensated or rewarded me in any way. Some schools (one very large, very famous, online program) don't even communicate with the preceptor in any way. (In one case, I tried to contact the school about a severe problem with the student and could never get through to anyone at the school who cared.)

    My recommendation for any prospective student reading this is: Never begin a program that requires a preceptorship unless you have a preceptor arrangement worked out ahead of time or unless you are going to a school that will provide a preceptor. Don't invest your time and/or money in the classes until you know you have the means to finish and graduate.

    For those of you already in programs: Start looking now. Don't wait until the last minute. Make professional connections. Attend local nursing events where you might meet potential preceptors. Discuss your education with people at your work -- and everone you know who might know something. Make an "information only" meeting with someone "in the know" within your community (where you will let them educate you about the lay of the land in your community). etc.

    And be sure to put the lack of support from your school into any program evaluation you do. The accrediting agencies need to step up to the plate and do something to help this situation.
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    Quote from JSBoston
    I am just starting my MSN education degree at Walden... can you explain the difficulty of obtaining a preceptor for the practicum? I almost understand the difficulty of finding on with trying to obtain a RN or BSN, but for education? What about educators in the hospitals you work in?
    It's a reasonable question JSBoston. Read my diatribe above.

    Also, people often underestimate the work that preceptors have to do (assuming they want to do a good job). In the last few weeks, I have been VERY busy at work ... but I have also had the added burden of having to read major papers/projects from the 2 graduate students I have been precepting for the past year. Both have had major projects to finish up before graduation and rightly expected me to advise them on those projects. That added a lot of work to my load. I like both of these students -- who are both excellent students -- and I don't regret being their preceptor -- but it has taken a lot of my time and attention lately. And I get nothing for it other than personal satisfaction.

    Not all students do well -- and when you are a preceptor, it's hard to back out half-way through. And unfortunately, the school faculty is often not very prepared to support you through a difficult situation. If the student works for your facility, it can become a political nightmare. I've had that happen, too. And again ... I got nothing for my time and trouble.
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    My school actually pays its' preceptors (not much but still), gives them CEUs, and supposedly helps them through the difficult times. But it is very unusual for a school to pay. I also understand that it is harder for my school to find preceptors for all of us, as we live all over the US and some islands, and some even live in Europe. I am not sure if they are going to move back to the US to get their clinicals done.
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    How much work is necessary for the preceptor (when the student obtains a msn education degree)? For those who have finished a practicum or precepted a student completing a practicum, I'd looove a little advice! I'm just taking the first orientation class at Walden

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