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I am having a great degree of difficulty obatining a preceptor for my MSN.....I have would have thought that the need for more instructors would have brought preceptors out in droves. I am attending Regis University and am realy... Read More

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    Dear Vicky,

    could you email me @ so that I may reply to your pvt message


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    Dear Vicky,

    I am getting in touch with the right folks......I spoke w/JN and sounds like you are free to be.
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    I know first hand about preceptors. I did walden msn and had no difficulty finding preceptor. I did it in staff education. Currently doing DNP and it has been a challenge. I had a preceptor who went out to have some type of aesthetic surgery so right now I have incomplete then at last minute just says cannot accommodate. I have been trying to secure another preceptor as time passes. I do to want to repeat course. These courses are tough enough. Waiting to hear from a place and looks good but the affiliation is the wait time.Good luck. Do not let this courage you.
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    I too an having a hard time finding a preceptor in Houston Tx. Please help?
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    Check out U of H at Victoria, Sugar Land Campus or Wharton Community College, same campus. They're actually in the same building.
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    I have served as preceptor for MSN students in my area. But I don't get paid, so there is no incentive to "come out in droves". The schools get the money and expect the preceptors work for free and have all the liability.

    I do have a suggestion. Contact educators in local hospitals. They network with other MSN/DNP/PhD types. They may have leads.

    What I do not understand is why the school does not keep up with who has precepted before for their students in a given area of the country. They could refer you to those people.
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    I went to Walden and finding a preceptor was not difficult but I started as soon as I enrolled, getting the legal agreements signed was another matter. In the end it all worked out but it was a little stressful, but school always comes with stress.
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    I am looking for a preceptor in San Diego, Ca area. I am enrolled in Walden University MSN Education track program. I will be starting my practicum late summer early fall 2013. Does anyone have any leads ?

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