MSN student in need of advice

  1. I need some advice...
    I am in an online Master's program for nursing education. I go to Chamberlain Collegeof Nursing. I think it is a good school. And I really like it. I obtained my BSN through there.

    My question is - is it better to go to a classroom typeschool for obtaining a MSN in nursing education?

    Also, I am not comfortable giving "speeches", so how would Iteach a class when I cannot get comfortable with it by going to an online school?

    We have at the end of our learning something called nursingpracticums. Does anyone know what you doduring these? We are supposed to get a mentor for it.

    Am I overthinking this or should I change schools?
    Please help!
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  3. by   Tait
    I am currently one week from completing my MSN-Ed through Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ.

    I do not necessarily think you need a brick and mortar school to get a great MSN education. As adult learners however we have to take on a little more to make the most of it. Our school, for practicum, had two options. You could do an online practicum where you basically read papers, answered responses to discussion questions, and monitored things. The second option was to find your own ground practicum. For mine I went to my hospital and got in with the CNS for nursing education and new graduate nurse residency. This gave me the opportunity each week to see 8 hours of new grad teaching, as well as teach a few classes myself on pain management.

    If you need practice teaching I would suggest finding a practicum experience at your local college/tech etc. I have never had a problem with giving speeches, however teaching was a new experience for me. Something about trusting that you are now the expert and running with that, that gave me some issues.

    Anyway, I think the online environment is perfect if you already had success with BSN, I would just look for a ground opportunity to practice your teaching skills face to face.

    Best of luck!

    BTW our practicum was 150 hours long. Lots of opportunities.

  4. by   classicdame
    I received my MSN online thru a state university. The only practicum I had was with a PhD in nursing education who works at a hospital in Dallas. He was wonderful in teaching me how to manage (juggle!) various stages of development of courses taking place. The only speech I had was in defending my thesis, but I knew all the professors by then (had received my BSN at same school) and was fairly comfortable (that means I did not faint when it was my turn to talk. still had stage fright). In my opinion the online programs require you to think independently and be self motivated, much like in real like. Good luck with whatever you choose.
  5. by   nurse2033
    I think you are over thinking. No amount of student teaching can make you comfortable teaching in front of a class. But after the first week on the job you will feel much better. I would pick the school that works best for you.
  6. by   lecavalier4
    Thank you so much for your advice!
  7. by   lecavalier4
    Thank you for your advice everyone!
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  8. by   JBudd
    I had a huge gap between BSN and MSN; going back to my original school was not an option. The online program I went through was great, and the practicum was wherever I chose to go that would sign a contract with my university (not in the same city I live in). Had some great mentors at the school, videoed my student lectures and submitted them to my prof.

    If you want practice in speaking in front of groups, I suggest teaching classes informally, such as First Aid for Scouts, or volunteering for some health classes in public schools. Not a lot of pressure, and kids are pretty forgiving.
  9. by   willswife
    I am in need of a mentor for my Univ of Phoenix 590 A and B MSN practicum. Is there anyone available? I know a few master's prepared nurses but not with a MSN. Please advise.

    Thanks in advance.