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  1. I love teaching and all aspects of nursing education. I returned to school with the hope of obtaining a position in an institution of higher learner. I am unable to find a position in this area and I have five years experience as an educator. I keep reading and researching about the shortage of nursing faculty, but this does not seem to be the case. Where are all the educator jobs? I simply love to teach, and just want a teaching position where I can enhance student learning.....

    Frustrated with nursing education just wanted to vent
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  3. by   amoLucia
    I would venture a guess that as more and more disheartened undergraduate STAFF nurses become increasingly frustrated with bedside, clinical positions, they are entering graduate programs in greater numbers than in the past. And these graduate schools are just waiting there with their hands out for enrolling students. And with the influx of e-education, there's a glut of advanced prep nurses.

    Where are the job positions for Master's prepared nurses? Advanced administration, advanced clinical practice like NPS, PAs, CNSs, CRNAs, etc and education. But there are only just so many, finite numbered positions avail. Couple that with the increasing number of nurses (just like the general public) holding onto their jobs longer, staving off retirement until later because of the unstable economic work environment.

    A very large number of traditional nursing school teaching positions are civil-service; too cushy to be given up early, so there's another reason those positions are so limited. Staff development positions within good hospital systems are to be coveted similarly .

    So that's my take on why you're seeing such a dearth of education positions. There are alternative teaching/education tracks - like CDEs, pvt industry and consulting to name a few. But again, you'll have to look far & wide to compete with so many others in the same situation as you.

    And I think it's going to get worse soon as the higher-educ staff bump-down to positions that require a lower-educ entry level.

    I believe 'the golden age' of nursing has passed.

    Just my opinion.
  4. by   lepew
    Come to Texas! Where I teach we desperately need faculty!
  5. by   mysnurse
    THanks you all. Lepew I am definitely considering a major move.... PM me with the information
  6. by   Olm_is_my_everything

    So glad we share the same passion and I truly at first had the same issues as you even after I earned an MSN with a focus in education. Many colleges/universities are looking for terminal degree preparation. So starting at a technical school or community college really helps to "get your foot in the door". It is funny how once you are in, other programs will be contacting you to come teach for them! Do not give up. And if you don't want to relocate you can choose a less than favorable commute for a few years. I commuted to the place where I got my foot in the door for 3 years ... 1 hr 20 min ONE way. The time paid off and now I have landed a job at a notable university only 25 minutes from my home. Don't give up!

    Ps - where are you located?
  7. by   mysnurse
    I am currently located in Mississippi
  8. by   lub dub
    Come to Florida!!!