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Help with Tracking In-services - page 3

I'm just curious? How do you track your in-services? Can you give me some ideas on how you track them efficiently? And also, how to you keep track of credentializing--you know, when a nurses license... Read More

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    Quote from inservice
    jackie, thanks so much for your answer. however, i found an in-service software tracking system that also tracks license certification. it's a really great product. it does just about everything. it has saved me soooooooooo much time. it's a really great product. it's called estafftrak. i highly recommend it.
    hi i read your message and the estafftrak sounds great. can you tell me where you found it? i would love to have it. i work in ltc and have quite a few employees to track and i really could use some help. thank you gebe51
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    Quote from InService
    I'm just curious? How do you track your in-services? Can you give me some ideas on how you track them efficiently? And also, how to you keep track of credentializing--you know, when a nurses license needs to be renewed? Any help would be highly appreciated.
    Hi dear, we utilize is the best!
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    Here's what our hospital uses.
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    We use a software known as ABRA - I DO NOT recommend it as it has too many built in redundancies and is not at all user friendly.

    I made up my own grid with MSExcel. It requires looking at the grid once a month, but only for a few minutes.
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    If you have limited everyone else - Excel and Access is designed for database collection that could be sorted for dates, expiration, licensure and whateverlse you want to track. You can easily place a formula and auto calculate license expiration dates. Time to learn folks!
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    The product we use called eStaffTrak is now only $750. I just learned this from another facility that has it. They did some sort of market research and realized that the price was too high and now they have even included more features. I called them when I found out about the price reduction and they gave me all the upgrades for free. I told them I would tell everyone about it. You can send an email to find out more at
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    #19 0 cost the facility $40 a month. It is wonderful. If your facility wont pay for it. It is worth while paying for it yourself. Great tracking.
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    Quote from purplemania
    we use a combo of things already on our computer: Education enters names of people attending classes into a database. Each person's "transcript" is available to the manager thru public folders on Microsoft Outlook. Most managers have Microsoft Excel grids set up with employees names in the first column and other columns labeled with whatever they are tracking (license renewal, ACLS, TB test, required inservice, etc.). The grid is updated by referring to the transcript or by having the employee provide documentation. BTW, Employee Health enters the annual TB test on the transcript too. Some managers have an e-folder with each employee's name in a file. The file has the last evaluation, transcript and whatever else you want to keep on that person. Eliminates a lot of paper and is easily accessible. FINALLY, if you want a tickler file, Microsoft Outlook has that capability on the "task" menu. It takes a while to put in each person's data, but after that it is a breeze and will alert you daily to what is due. I set up due dates a 2-4 weeks ahead so I can remind employee to get me the documentation. Hope this helps. We like this plan because the Office software is cheap and easy to use.
    How do you track this with Microsoft outlook I am curious?
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    I looked at estafftrak and thought it had worthwhile components but at this point cannot justify price. Will reconsider later perhaps.