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  1. I need help. I am a new instructor with Med-surg. THis course is not easy--nor are the undergrad students who seem to have it out for me since they did poor on a test. Now I am scared since one of the regulating bodies is coming for our survey and mine will be one of the classes they are sitting in on. I need to find a creative way to teach or keep the students involved in the class (lecture doesn't do it and I am afraid they would try to stump me on purpose. Asking them to do any type of student teach might tick them off even more). Help.
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  3. by   PalmHarborMom
    I am a current nursing student and LOVED endocrine. By the time students are in Med Surg, they should already know functions. So pass on that (and verbalize that you know they have already learned about it in A&P and Patho) What helped me the best was hearing about real world experiences. For example, when teaching about Diabetes, turn it into a case study and teach your way through it. Explain about all the labs that are monitored & why, DKA and HHS, regular meds vs emergency meds, all the secondary illnesses caused by diabetes... etc. If you can relate it all into a case study, it would be engaging and easier to remember. The students should have done the required reading ahead of class so you could involve them also.

    Med Surg is not an easy class. So I can imagine that it is not an easy class to teach. Hopefully you will find what works for both your students and yourself.
  4. by   DawnJ
    YES! Case studies are the best, especially if they are based on a case you were involved in. Our best teacher (who is an administrator now and only subs) is the best with that. She is funny and relates almost every concept to a real life incident in her history. That really helps us to remember the condition. Also, sometimes she will give us "the bullet" on the patient and then either ask what we would do or give us some options of what we could do (if it is a condition we aren't familiar with yet). We use our patho, pharm and nursing process knowledge to learn to think through the question and pick the best course of action.

    Really, I find that so much more valuable because you are memorizing something static, you are learning to use your reasoning skills to find the best path forward.
  5. by   carwife945
    Have you tried something like a "WANTED" poster in class? I had my students make a poster for "Cushy Sam" (for cushings) ---they sort of looked like concept maps, but the students had a blast making them. You make the poster like the old "WANTED" posters that used to be in the post office.
  6. by   Tinker88
    Maybe a case study like someone suggested with rotations or a presentation on one case study. Students could create their own nclex questions for the class over their study. Students would be applying critical thinking skills while challenging their peers.
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