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Passive learning Occurs when students use their senses to take in information from a lecture, reading assignment, or audiovisual. This is the mode of learning most commonly present in classrooms.... Read More

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    Quote from VickyRN
    Great post, zsuzan! Variety is truly the spice of life and really adds to a positive learning experience in the classroom. I will have close to 140 students in my classroom next semester. I am currently investigating active learning strategies that work best in large classrooms.
    I certainly hope you will divide the class into small groups for discussion, or different aspects of the subject; and have teaching assistants with each one. Otherwise, it will be difficult for your class to absorb the information given them in any format.
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    good info
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    thanks for a great reminder! i am an auditory and sequential learner so if you can just tell me, in the correct order, i get it. as a certified healthcare instructor, i am often challenged to integrate both learning styles due to time constraints in our short programs. we provide exam preparation to allied healthcare workers who are 'qualified professionals' via experience or schooling. in as little as two days these participants can obtain national certification in workshop formatted training programs. training has to be balanced to include the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners and diverse enough to reach adults of all ages and cultures. i believe our success depends greatly on the advantages of the two learning styles.
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    I really like how you talked about passive vs active learning. I believe much more in active learning vs. passive but it probably isn't possible to have every single class to be only active learning. THere has to be passive learning to try to show what is important and the info that needs to be covered that may be on the NCLEX. However i think that the active listening is much more beneficial to the new nurses that can assess what they know and their critical thinking skills. I would rather have an B/C student working with me that knows how to think critically vs an A student who has every definition memorized with no critical thinking skills.
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    My nursing classes were always "taught" in the active learning style. You have to effectively reach students with different types of learning styles (auditory, tactile, visual) and the active approach gives everyone a chance to not just understand the concepts but remember them.

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