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Reading the posts on the general discussion board relating to the low down on education for the RN is certainly disturbing...I won't be posting on that thread again and many of you knew well enough... Read More

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    Lori - I agree that flexibility is so important. I'm finishing the University of Phoenix online ADN to BSN program in May. It has been very flexible. Good luck.

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    I have known several nurses who obtained their BSN and MSN through U of P. This is the kind of flexibility I'm talking about. I'm familiar with their program. U of P is a cost issue for some folks but again, it is looking at further educating nurses using a practical approach.

    Something I would like to see is a step education system, where colleges that offer ADN degrees have a systematic base program that then becomes the step on which all BSN programs add onto without having to go back and pick up 4-8+ (12-24+ credits) additional classes before one can progress to the BSN content. Since ADN programs are becoming more and more laboreous in their requirements, this should really be a matter of planning at its basic level. But ADN programs can't do it without some consistency from the universities, which right now doesn't exist.

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