Can I apply a BS.ed in the nursing field? Can I apply a BS.ed in the nursing field? | allnurses

Can I apply a BS.ed in the nursing field?

  1. 0 I have a BS in education for grades k-6 (as well licensed) with 3 years of teaching experience in the elementary grades. I plan to start an accelerated BSN program at a private college in my area this summer. I am super excited and nervous at the same time.

    I am just curious if I could ever use my education degree again in the nursing field.

    My 1st question is, can I apply my BS.ed in the future if I ever decide to teach nursing students or do I have to get a masters?

    My 2nd question is, are there such things as nurse educators for children who stay in a facility for long periods? Probably not...

    My 3rd question is, what skills could I apply in the nursing field with my BS.ed?

    My focus is currently getting my BSN. After a few years as a RN I might want to consider a graduate program. We will see... I would appreciate any advice from current educators or nurses! Thanks
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    Most nursing schools that I've looked into in my area require, at minimum, a BSN to teach while also showing progress in an MSN program within a set timeframe. You may be able to use some of your educational skills in nursing, but also remember that adult learning (andragogy) is different from children's learning (pedagogy).
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    Are you in the US? My experience is that non-nursing degrees may provide you with knowledge or insight, but they generally aren't recognized by employers.
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    The chart is very helpful. I do have to apply this difference when I present at staff developments. Thank you so much for your reply!
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    FYI: I work in a children's hospital ... and we have public school teachers assigned full time to the hospital to help the long term patients keep up with their school work. They are employees of the local school district, but based in the hospital.

    There is also the specialty of "Child Life." These are folks who are not nurses, but who specialize in helping childen cope with illness, injury, stress while hospitalized, painful or scary procedures, etc. You might want to research that career option instead of nursing if you are not really interested in taking physicial care of patients and want to build on your child education experience.
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    I had no idea. That's neat! I will continue with nursing because that's my passion. Elementary education is not LOL... Thank you.
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    In answering your first question, after becoming a nurse, you could take your state teaching exam for an endorsement to teach Health Occupations (or whatever your state calls it) and teach the CNA certification to high school students. That's one option if you want to use your BSEd to teach full-time. All you would be doing is adding an endorsement to the BSEd you already have in elementary grades by taking and passing the test.

    I have a BSEd and a MPH and will be starting a RN program this fall. The Health Occupations teachers I taught with were all RNs. Some went back to get a degree in teacher education, and one or two went back for Adult Education graduate degrees.