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Hi everyone. I'm a little confused about something. I know this girl, let's call her Miss Braggart. Anyhow, she's a friend of a friend of a friend and after speaking to her a few times i've come to the conclusion that I don't... Read More

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    Quote from fergus51
    Why do you hang out with someone like that anyways? I've known a few like that in my time and find the best response to bragging is something like "Wow, it must be nice to always have the very best in life"...
    It isn't that we "hang out" together. Our husbands coach 2 different ball teams together that our kids play on, so it's kind of an unavoidable thing but i've been doing my best to avoid her lately lol. She's also a friend of a friend of a friend as well. I do have one thing to say about her though, she has 2 great sons but I've noticed that they've gotten in the habit of talking over people too. Guess it runs in the family. He he he.

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    Ughhhhh @ those 'type' people...know it alls/done it alls/done it better...blech...I have a family member (in-law..lol) who is like that..I avoid her like the plague!..about 5 minutes a few times a year is all I can handle..any longer than that and I'd have to go 'off' on her...I always seem to find something I need to do or somewhere I need to go when she's around...lmaoooo
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    You don't go into nursing just for the money. You develop a relationship with your patients because you spend more time with them. You need to pick a career that YOU like, that makes you happy, and at the end of the day- makes you feel good that you made a difference!
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    In my area, RTs start around $18 and RNs $23. Every few years the RT field gets "saturated" and new grads have a hard time finding work. Schooling is even more demanding than Nursing (but keep in mind I am just freshman!)
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    Quote from INtoFL_RN
    This doesn't pertain to X-ray techs exactly, but at the hospital I work at MRI techs make $18.25/hr. I have one year experience as an RN, have my BSN, and ACLS and I make $17. Talk about insulting!

    That is insulting. I made $15/hr + change as a new BSN grad 13 years ago! And it was too little then.
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    This is the type of person I'd do my best to avoid.

    If that's impossible, when she started about status and how much better her things are than yours, I'd just smile sweetly and say "I can't tell you how happy I am for you." Then walk away or start a new conversation with someone else.
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    Before people get upset that nurses might not be making what rad-techs do, go to the web and look at local salary quotes.
    Rad techs do a valuable job. I appreciate them.
    But they have always made less than nurses.
    In my area the average salary for an RN (plain, ordinary, no special anythings) is $58,000 per year.
    The average income for a regular Rad-Tech is $48-51K,
    Nuc-Med- $ 52K, MRI $53.5K, CT-Tech- $48K
    Now if you add shift diffs, call pay, charge pay, management pay or special skills and training you will get higher numbers for all.
    If you don't believe me, use the link posted earlier for salary.com. It is one of several places you can go to see real salary numbers.
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    Quote from pcc nurse
    You don't go into nursing just for the money. You develop a relationship with your patients because you spend more time with them. You need to pick a career that YOU like, that makes you happy, and at the end of the day- makes you feel good that you made a difference!
    I don't think it makes someone a bad person or a bad nurse, lawyer, salesman, gardener, mechanic etc... for thinking about what kind of pay they'll be getting when working towards a career or at a job, it makes them smart. It's your livlihood, security and future. Of course I want to know about the pay, who doesn't? I want to be compensated for all of the time, blood, sweat and money I put into my education and hard work. No one works for free, and I'm not talking about volunteer work, you work to make a living and you can't make a living without getting paid.

    On the other hand, I think that people who go into this field for the money are in for a huge reality check. Nursing isn't a glamourous job by any means. I've worked in the healthcare field for years and years and I'm taking this route because this is what I have always wanted, from the time I was a candy striper as a young girl. I think nurses deserve every penny of what they get, if not more.
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    Quote from nuttyRN
    I live in Oregon, just got into it with an xray tech about pt care (long horrid story) but heard xray techs start out at $27/hr while RNs start at $25! Don't know the truth behind the rumor though. just an FYI!
    Nutty..you are correct! I also live in Oregon and my hubby (paramedic) and I are actually playing with going back to school to become MRI/X-ray/sonographic techs because they do make more money. I am in the $23.00 range, pretty good for assisted living charge nurse/floor nurse (when needed, which is more times than any..LOL!), and my hubby has been with his company 9 years and makes near $18.00. I have talked to many MRI/X-ray/sonographic techs that make starting of 25-27 and within a few years as much as 30!

    Sometimes I wonder why I am knocking myself out, and hubby too...if we can do this instead and make more money?!?!?! It is seriously being considered by both of us! ( I mean...we would keep our day job...LOL, but I guess "glow" at night..LOL!)...:chuckle
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    At least you don't have to deal with her every day in class...one of my fellow students is like that. I first ran into her when doing pre-reqs the year prior to starting school.:uhoh21:

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