Why so many travel positions?

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    I want to move out of the state of Florida to California. I have my resume ob Monster & CareerBuilder. I get lots of phone calls from nurse travel companies that only have 13 week assignments. I need a stable, permanent job that will pay for relocation & benefits. Seems like unless I want to work in Savannah, Ga or some other state that I would never live in, relocation & permanent work isn't going to happen. Why have so many travel positions if nurses are needed this bad?
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    Sadly many hospitals rather pay for travelers than pay for benefits/other expenses that come along when employing FT/PT.
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    All medical staff should have life time health care. We are exposed to everything. I think staffing companies have there place, but we are at risk as a profession. I hate to use union busting as an example, but it is the same. We have no protection.
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    Most of the companies that offer these travel positions do offer health insurance. However, no other benefits like vacation & 401k.

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