Why can't I land an interview? Help?

  1. [color=#333333][font=lucida grande]has anyone ever had experience contacting a hiring manager and asking them why their application was not considered for hire/interview?

    i just want to know what is missing from my app or what i can do to increase my chances of at least landing an interview? i have a bsn degree, 2 years experience as a nurse's aide, a 180 hour preceptorship in a medical icu (in a rural hospital), healthcare volunteer experience, and at least 4 professional references. i know that my experience is probably to equivalent to that of many people on this website....but i have not landed 1 interview even 5 months after graduation. i graduated december 2011. one of my friends, who is a career advisor, even helped me with my resume to change the formatting. my cover letter is decent (might need help?). maybe the school i went to does not have as a prestigious reputation as other schools? i went to humboldt state university (a cal state school) and the place where i had my preceptorship was st. joseph's eureka. decent reputation...

    let me know if you have any ideas, tips, suggestions.

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  3. by   caliotter3
    You may have to widen the area where you throw your net, since I am assuming there are not many opportunities in that area to begin with. The employers are probably saturated with employees who have never seen a reason to leave or otherwise leave the local workforce, yet the program (and any others in the general area) still produce new grads every year. Sorry to say, you won't have much of chance down in the Bay area either. You might consider looking in southern CA, however, opportunities have dried up there too. Just be persistent and think about relocation and when/where it will make sense for you.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from jannjavier88
    [color=#333333][font=lucida grande]let me know if you have any ideas, tips, suggestions.
    is relocating to an undesirable part of the state an option? i would apply in places such as blythe, needles, tehachapi, delano, and other cities where the masses of new grads are not really flocking. get your year or two of experience in the undesirable town and move on.
  5. by   rpcuts
    You should visit this site I know of re-krut.com. They have lots of jobs nationwide in case you would be interested in relocation but caliotter3 is right widen the area where you throw your net. Its hard for new nurses with less then 2-3 years unless you are open to relocation.
  6. by   Candyn
    I am from AZ and the situation there is as bad as CA for New grads. I am also a New Grad and from the qualifications you gave, you have more experience than me: 2 years as CNA. I do not have that experience. Agreed with the post above, is relocation a choice to you? I moved across the country for a job. I started applying all over the country, applied to all the new grad positions that were on indeed.com, spent 10 hours a day and I got a job after two weeks looking out of state. If relocation is a choice, then I am sure you will find a job eventually. If not, then it will just take a little longer (I got a call for interview at my home state after I just moved. SUCK!!!)

    Good luck