What makes a good nurse?

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    just wanted to know your comments. What strengths do you think you need to enter into the nursing field. What weaknesses would hold you back?

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    If you want to see life at it's best and worse you will enjoy being a nurse. And if you believe that first you will do no harm, you will be a good nurse.
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    A strong personality is a MUST HAVE.
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    intelligence, HEART, imagination and flexibility.
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    Originally posted by KC CHICK
    A strong personality is a MUST HAVE.
    AMEN!!! And apparently I have one and didn't know it!!

    Also, problem solving skills are necessary to "think your way around" any situation!!
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    Excellent Question! Also love these answers for strengths, but I don't see anybody saying what weaknesses they'd hold back.

    My primary one is trying to curb my mouth before my brain kicks into gear! (Also known as TEMPER !)


    Use the word no when necessary!

    Remember, balance is the key to maintaining some level of (dare I say it) sanity. (Somebody let me know when they find out what that is/ :roll :chuckle !) This has been a really hard lesson for me to learn!
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    Okay, so I didn't exactly read the question right. What I meant was, lack of confidence in your abilities will really impede one's professionalism and function. From this stems all of the things I just yammered about up above.
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    I spent 32 years as a nurse and love my profession.I retired at 51 to pursue other interests, missed nursing terribly but now I write about it, and have three sisters to help through the bad days. So I am always a nurse. I am quick to anger, and that is something I am not proud of.But in all those years of nursing I never, ever, said a mean thing to a patient, and that I AM PROUD OF ++! Even the night the man peed all over me from head to toe, on purpose, I did not lose it.I said "You, sir, are rude!" and left the room to get a shower. That story will be told in the little hospital I worked in for years to come. I don't know how I did it, but I did not ever lose it with a patient.
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    I think it takes patience, strength, sense of humor, and the ability to think before you make a decision
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    I believe a good nurse is one who wants to be one! I see some many whom hate their jobs. The biggest strength a nurse can have is brains the weakest is being without one! A sense of humor, ability to be flexible, think before you act or speak, appreicate all your staff. Enjoying your job...have fun...with your co-worker, patients & even Dr's!!!!!!

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